Yoga DVDs

I usually practice with the DVDs listed below, depending on what I need/feel.   I try to take a class once a week or bi-weekly.    Sometimes I like to practice on my own.   Here is a list of the DVDs I like and highly recommend.   All the instructors featured in DVDs listed below are  fantastic and wonderful, and I have learned a lot about the practice of yoga and alignment from them.

Sara Ivanhoe — my first yoga instructor via DVD.

Candlelight Yoga; Basic Yoga for Dummies, Beyond Basic Yoga for Dummies

Tara Stiles — my first introduction to a yoga class in Manhattan; I read about her studio and her approach to yoga in a women’s magazine, and went to her studio  regularly for a few months.   She makes you feel so comfortable in her studio. 

This is Yoga 1 — Strong  Flow, Relax Flow; This is Yoga 2 — AM Flow, Gentle Flow, PM Flow; This is Yoga 3 — AM Yoga in Bed, Daily Flow, Energy Flow, PM Yoga in Bed’ This is Yoga 4 — Complete Yoga Library for Everyone

Travis Eliot — I have no idea how I discovered this instructor, but I love his practices and his dharma talks.

The Ultimate Yogi — 108 Days to Total Transformation — set of 12 yoga DVDs (Vitality, Cross-Train, Strength, Balance, Cardio, Detox, flexibility, Mountain/Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Yoga Hardcore, and Sun Salutations (36, 72, and 108).   I admit that I am not doing this program consecutively; I am doing it as 108 practices.   I have stopped and restarted three times, and if I restart again, I will get discouraged.

Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliot

Hala Khouri, I took a professional development course with her about approaching children’s challenging behaviors with a holistic approach.   Her discussion about stress in the body is interesting.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Seane Corne — whenever I practice with her, I feel like I am spending time with God or another higher being; sometimes I feel like I am attending mass.

Yoga from the Heart; Detox Flow Yoga; Vinyasa Flow, Uniting Movement & Breath Session One; Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the Body & Beyond, Session Two

Naader Shagagi, I also feel like I am spending time with God when I do this practice.

The Power of Hatha Yoga, Ultimate Series




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