Trusting Yourself

After finishing Yoga Revolution (created by Adriene of, I began to trust myself more with my yoga practice.  Aside from a few sun salutations in the morning, I mostly practiced with DVDs or YouTube videos.  The language Adriene uses in Yoga Revolution remains etched in my mind and body.    She speaks about trusting yourself and to move from  a place of connection to “find what feels good.”  So I have been practicing with just myself and my knowledge of asanas .  And it feels good to trust myself and the choices I am making.  I am also discovering what I think are cool transitions and I am sure have been done before (from Lizard Pose to Warrior II or Half Moon, Standing Split and then Tree Pose).

Here’s to trusting yourself on the mat and trusting yourself off the mat; the latter is always harder, isn’t it?


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