When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

I have heard this phrase so many times since I started practicing yoga.  Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one, with a teacher and a student. The teacher would give the student asanas, philosophy, pranayama, etc., when he (they were mostly men) felt the student was ready.  I think this is where the phrase comes from.  I believe this was also how many students became yoga teachers  – their teacher suggested or asked the student to teach a class because he/she felt the student was ready.  Yoga teaching began.   I believe this was before any formal teacher training program.

This phrase never resonated with me because I think we are all teachers to each other.  We learn so much about the world and ourselves through our interactions with our human colleagues.  I learned about the mind and body connection from a three-year-old girl and she inspired me to learn more about yoga. I learned so much from my yoga teachers during my trainings and also my fellow students.

Another teacher appeared for me in the form of a wonderful, nurturing yoga instructor named Adriene (www.yogawithadriene.com) from Austin, Texas.  One of my friends told me about her, and her YouTube channel.  She has so many different yoga practices and various lengths.  Practicing with her is like practicing with an old, dear friend.  I feel her warmth through my laptop when I practice with her.   I recently completed her 31-yoga day Revolution program, and it helped me get back on the mat each day.   She teaches us to “find what feels good” (her wonderful phrase) and move from a place of connect, on and off the mat.  She is  also hilarious and makes you feel less alone.

I recommend practicing with Adriene.

The yoga nerd in me shares this:









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