Riding the Subway

I live in Brooklyn, New York, and like so many others, I commute daily to New York City for my job.  I admit I can get a little anxious riding the subway – the thought of terrorists and the recent slashings that have been happening in and around New York City – and this is why I like to notice happy moments on the subway.

During my commute home earlier this evening, a little girl, about five years old, in a Hijab sat down (her older sister was standing near her) and started talking to a young man, who reminded me of B.J. Novak.   They spoke about colors, numbers, Frozen and apple juice.  She asked him if he liked her book bag.  He did, the beginning of the Frozen discussion.  I think she was impressed that he identified Ana and Elsa.   She asked me if he was a daddy or a brother. When he told her that he was not a daddy or a brother, she said “Teacher”?   Her stop came and she gave him a high five.  The people who were standing and sitting near them were smiling, including myself.  It was such a sweet moment, among strangers that transcended culture, sex, adults, and age.  Just a sweet conversation between humans.

Yoga teaches us that we are all connected.  In a public class, people are moving and breathing together, whether someone is doing a handstand or someone is in child’s pose (usually me).   We all want the same things in life to find peace and ease.   It is nice to recognize this connection on the subway.

So open your eyes, you never know what precious moments you will witness.






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