Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose — the starting pose for all standing poses.   I feel like I am doing this pose when I do plank as well.   It promotes good posture and is grounding for the body and mind.     This pose also promotes smiling, there is a subtle smile that happens on your face when you stand or sit up tall.   Try it now, slouch and get sit or stand tall, do you feel the smile that happens on your face?

1.    Stand with your feet either hip width apart (to find your hip distance, place two fists between your feet) or feet can be close together, whatever feels good for you.     Breathe.

2.  Lift your toes, pressing them down, lift the inner and outer edges of the feet, pressing them down, and feel your feet securely on the mat.    Breathe.

3.   Imagine your body feeling strong and still like a mountain.   Breathe.

4.  Engage the muscles in your legs; be careful not to lock your knees.   Belly button  pushes into spine, shoulders back, feel an opening in the chest; head is relaxed, arms by sides with palms facing forward.   Breathe.

5.   And breathe.   You can even close your eyes if you like.

Things I notice when I do Mountain Pose, I feel like my body is getting a hug, and because the muscles are engaged, I have to stay still.   I like to do this pose while I wait for the subway and see how long I can do it for; I think this is one of the hardest yoga poses.

Chants for Children:

I am mountain, tall and strong, nothing can make me fall.  (And then you are the wind with your breathe and blow them over, Little Flower Yoga training).

Touch your nose, touch your cheek Mountain Pose

Touch your head, touch your needs, touch your toes, Mountain Pose.

Touch your shoulders, touch your nose, touch your belly, touch your toes, Mountain Pose (this chant go be shorter or longer).


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